Quick Facts about The Storlie Company


  • The Storlie Company has been in business since 1952.
  • We manufacturer, import and distribute a full offering of quality office furniture products.
  • Our company carries an inventory of over 2 million dollars of product with in-bound shipments arriving weekly.
  • Orders shipped out daily from a distribution center in suburban Minneapolis to points throughout the midwest US.
  • Based in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota 
    The Storlie Company 
    5812 W. 36th street 
    St. Louis Park, MN 55428 
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Do you have a service issue or question?

Contact us anytime from 8am to 5pm CST at 952-920-8303 You’ll likely reach a live person so don’t be shocked!

Download our new 2015 catalog here: Storlie2015_Catalog.pdf

2015 catalog images here: Storlie2015 Images

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Download Chair Spec Sheets PDF format 2015